The Sacred Feminine in action.

Thawing Forward

I’m frozen. I don’t know how many times I have repeated that phrase in the last seven months (since my last post). I’m frozen. I have so many ideas I want to put into this blog, I have so much to learn about blogging, I’m not sure how to “do this”. I’m frozen.

Well, in case you had any doubt about the mind-body connection, prepare to have a good laugh. Last Wednesday I had surgery to remove scar tissue from my abdominal area. As it turns out, my organs were literally immobile because of scar tissue from previous surgeries. I was literally…..frozen. Hmmmm.

Now, I’m not frozen. It’s time to let the energy flow. I’m prepared to make some mistakes. I’m prepared to make some folks kind of angry. My future posts will probably be much better than my current posts. I will probably reach more search engines in the future and someday I will understand all these terms and tricks I need to learn in order to reach a bigger audience. I will be thinking without fear, as I so cleverly like to say. (Actually, I think my first task is to think.)

All, I can say is, let the learning begin. Please hang in there with me. Let’s do this together. Share how you have been frozen and then unfrozen. How do you conquer your fears? How do you get started?

As a Sacred Feminist I am moving forward. Yeah!

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  1. elaine piedra says:

    I’m glad you are including me and thank you for doing so. I am on the path to my evolutionary integral enlightenment for myself and ultimately to our community and world. This fits right in to my drive to do more to alleviate sufferiing and bring love and healing to our precious world and its many sentient beings.

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