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Lessons The Hard Way

And BOOM…there it is.

A primary tenet of Christianity, the Bible, has been hijacked by the US government.*

Those of us who believe in the Love, Grace and Forgiveness version of Christianity feel it is a betrayal. We are even more upset by the members of our religion who don’t see the hypocrisy.

Personally, Jeff Session’s comments make me sick to my stomach. The association of his words with his actions does NOT align with the teachings of the Christ I follow.

I wonder, is the world listening to this, watching the horrific actions of Jeff Sessions and our country’s administration and thinking, “What kind of religion is that Christianity?”

Sound familiar?
Do you just KIND OF make a connection to another religion that has been hijacked?

I wouldn’t blame my Muslim friends for wondering how we are feeling about this right about now. But, I know they are too peace-filled and loving to wish this betrayal and misrepresentation on anyone.

However, we CAN look at these events and have some empathy for what the peaceful religion of Islam faces every day…their religion being hijacked by people using it as an excuse to behave badly. To realize they aren’t all terrorists, that their scriptures have been taken out of context, misquoted and misinterpreted. Now we know how that feels.

I tell my kids, you can learn a lesson the easy way or the hard way. It’s your choice. But the universe WILL teach you the lesson you need to learn. I guess we have chosen to learn this lesson of understanding how it feels to have your religion misrepresented the hard way.

*And, by the way, the Bible is not supposed to be the handbook for our country because of that little part of the constitution that talks about separation of church and state. And I can’t believe I have to write that. Ugh.

3 Responses to “Lessons The Hard Way”

  1. Janice Lewis says:

    Thank you Ellen for sharing.

  2. Donna Christensen says:

    I so agree with your insights. They are spot on…….
    Thanks for the share. Donna Christensen

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