The Sacred Feminine in action.

Judith Tripp: What IS the Sacred Feminine?

I am over the moon to have my first guest blogger be Judith Tripp, the founder and creator of the Dream Quest experience and Sacred Feminine expert! Judith and I have worked together on the Veriditas Council helping to promote the growth of the labyrinth in the world.

 Judith recently published her book, Circleway, The Story of the Women’s Dream Quest, and I can tell you it’s WONDERFUL! I always love learning language that speaks to the Sacred Feminine and Judith does that brilliantly and easily in her book. If you aren’t familiar with the Dream Quest you will enjoy learning about the event and its history, too!  If you are in the Chicago area, Judith will be leading a Dream Quest in Oak Park on November 9-10. I can’t wait!

 I am often asked, “What IS the Sacred Feminine?” I don’t really have a one or two-minute “elevator speech.” So, I asked Judith if she would give us her definition.

“The sacred feminine is that stream in the history of our species that reflects the inner, receptive, holistic aspects of human being. It has been expressed throughout history not only in the archetypes of the great female deities, but also in the impulse to compassion and inclusive understanding that resides in the hearts of all men and women. The sacred feminine has been secondary and implicit in our history.  In this time I believe that we need to honor the sacred feminine to make it an explicit and equal partner to the stream of masculine creativity and power that has dominated the life of our culture. If we go about this task with care and awareness, conscious as we can be at this moment in history, of the shadow sides of both the masculine and feminine impulses, we can create something new that the world has never seen. “

Judith Tripp Headshot—Judith Tripp, MA, MFT.  author of Circleway, The Story of the Women’s Dream Quest, psychotherapist, labyrinth facilitator, and Pilgrimage to Avalon Leader,

Thank you, Judith!!

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