The Sacred Feminine in action.

I am a Sacred Feminist

I am committed to bringing balance to the Universe: Sacred Feminine + Sacred Masculine, Secular Feminine + Secular Masculine. I believe God transcends gender. I question the history and the future of the patriarchal church and society. I recognize the Sacred Feminine is part of ALL living creatures, as is the Sacred Masculine. I call for the evolution of the male species. I refuse to accept the injustices to women, children and, therefore, families—global and local—caused by the unbalanced thinking of male and female rights. I expect Change. I understand we are all connected. I believe common sense enhances Faith. I think without Fear. I trust in Grace. I offer Healing as the path to Peace. I teach Compassion. I nurture Kindness. I glean Wisdom from those who have lived before me. I embrace diversity. I find Courage from within. I have Hope for the future. I am committed to Love.

3 Responses to “I am a Sacred Feminist”

  1. Kathy Bintz says:

    Congratulations Ellen on the launch of your blog!
    I’m excited to see how your ideas resonate to others.
    We are lucky to have you speak up and out, to help us all embrace
    the sacred feminine and change.

  2. Samantha says:

    A better magazine theme would make the blog nicer.:)

  3. Such an inspiring message Ellen. You touch on the heart of the feminine existance and the true spirit of how we can live today connected to the past and looking to the future. A true Labryinth in ideals and life!!
    I can only aspire to attain the sacred sense and harmony you refer to.
    I will pass this on to all my girlfriends.

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