The Sacred Feminine in action.

A little help for the Sacred Feminist?

I am doing a little “Sacred Feminist Research” and there are a few reasons why.

I am interested in what moves other Sacred Feminists to action and I would like to help to bring inspiration to that in this blog.

Also, I have been reading many other blogs about religion, feminism, some combination of the two and some anti-feminism blogs by women. The spectrum of material and views is amazing.

I would love YOUR insights. So, could you please leave a comment and let me know which part of the Sacred Feminist statement below is most important to you and why? Have I missed something? Would you like to see something else in this statement? Please forward this on to your friends. I think this will be so interesting! Thanks, in advance, for your help.

I am committed to bringing balance to the Universe: Sacred Feminine + Sacred Masculine, Secular Feminine + Secular Masculine. I believe God transcends gender. I question the history and the future of the patriarchal church and society. I recognize the Sacred Feminine is part of ALL living creatures, as is the Sacred Masculine. I call for the evolution of the male species. I refuse to accept the injustices to women, children and, therefore, families-global and local- caused by the unbalanced thinking of male and female rights. I expect Change. I understand we are all connected. I believe common sense enhances Faith. I think without Fear. I trust in Grace. I offer Healing as the path to Peace. I teach Compassion. I nurture Kindness. I glean Wisdom from those who have lived before me. I embrace diversity. I find Courage from within. I have Hope for the future. I am committed to Love.

7 Responses to “A little help for the Sacred Feminist?”

  1. Duncan Newcomer says:

    What I added in my comment is that an affirmation of resolve and belief needs to be in sync with something larger, otherwise we burn out. So I added the notion, like the one from Kant and Martin Luther King, of how it is that the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice. It is just saying, God is on our side. Or that the sacred feminine really is Sacred. We need that belief and the confidence in that. Lincoln said that, “There is a divinity that shapes our ends rough hew them tho we will.” Got it from Shakespeare. Duncan

  2. Janice Lewis says:

    Yes, I believe in the Sacredness of all. Including and not limited to~all who have been here, who are here and who will be here.

  3. Bobbie Sauter says:

    Your statement on the Sacred Feminist idea and ideal is beautifully written.
    How balanced and meaningful life would be if everyone believed in the sacred masculine and feminine concept. The balance of male and female to create one ” human” force of worship and integrity in life. We could worship on equal footing,strive to make a difference in this life.
    Why should males dominate society and religion? There is no sense to this.
    I also believe in an acceptance of diversity. All people should feel free to worship within a religion. God loves us all unconditionally!
    The wisdom of those that came before us should be valued and studied. We can learn much from their knowledge and experience.
    Healing, compassion and kindness are the path to peace in our lives. Those that promote this and live it within their lives are true vessels of God. They will create and spread hope and love to all they interact with.

  4. Kate says:

    Whoa. I call for the evolution of the male species? Pretty much assumes woman are already perfect and without their own history of violence. Sadly, not true. How about “I cal for the evolution of humanity.”

  5. Karen Brennan says:

    I love your energy! I believe we really need to get the voice of the “feminine and masculine being present in ALL THINGS” really out there. In our culture there is still a huge separatist undercurrent. Boys are given guns to play with and girls are given baby dolls, even still today! (death machine vs life maker) Why must we have these extremes labeled on the sexes? (Men create life too. Why is it so uncommon for them to play with dolls unless it is a GI Joe?) Look at the video games most young boys and most young male teens are completely absorbed in. It is astounding the violence we allow our children to “play” with, and then we wonder why the war machine will not go away. I think, observing from my midwestern, conservative town, that many men view feminism as an “attack” on the masculine, not a compliment to it. Both sides, when they come across in an angry tone, get no where with the other. So how do we break through? We need to permeate our culture with dialog, education, and love for both aspects in a healthy way. I feel the tension arise between strong feminist women and conservative men. The more people “get” that we need a balance of both qualities, IN OURSELVES, the more likely we will be able to create a peaceful planet. And to emphasize that masculine does NOT have to mean a war mentality! Can we focus on identifying masculine traits that are healthy so that men can hang onto some of what connects them to their unique body parts, while they are working on bringing the feminine aspects in as well? Me, “going out” in the world and finding my voice (a masculine trait) is a healthy thing, after being home with my children (a feminine trait). Men and women “going out” exposing raw, real injustice for what it is, and providing solutions to nurture and heal contains both the masculine and feminine aspects, and is probably the best way to promote healing the heart that unites us all. You told me the story of Mary, and her ability to communicate the need for love in her community after her son was shot to death. That is what we need. To bring light to those painful stories and to offer peace, love, compassion, and pathways to connect us all. Thank you for all of the work you are doing to heal our world!

  6. Janice Turner says:

    Whoa couldn’t agree with Kate more….”the call for the evolution of the male species” stuck out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately it is women and men that keep many harmful patriarchal ideas and practices going today. I really do like so much have what you have written. One other statement that I think might be reworded is “I believe common sense enhances Faith.” I like the idea but I find what is one persons common sense is not another’s. Right now the conservative goverment in Canada ran on ideas they espoused as “common sense”. Many of these common sense ideas cut programs for women and children who dearly needed them.
    I have just found this blog today and love the idea of it.
    I will catch up with your other posts.

  7. We need the evolution of men to include a higher value system for their own feminine energy. Transcending gender is a great goal.

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